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If your attic could talk...

It would ask for relief from the choking heat and lack of ventilation.  The heat buildup resulting from trapped attic air has a direct impact on your electric bills, as well as the performance and unit life of your A/C system.  Listen to your attic and help your attic breathe.  Install an Attic Breezxe solar attic fan today and start reaping the benefits of better ventilation and a more comfortable home.  Your attic will thank you.


The Zephyr Series Solar Fans

20 watts, 1350 cfm, up to 2100 sqft

25 watts, 1550 cfm, up to 2500 sqft


The Grand Series Solar Fans

40 watts, 1800 cfm, up to 2900 sqft

60 watts, 2050 cfm, up to 3300 sqft


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The Breeze Mate™ Solar Ventilation System is designed as a two–part control system, consisting of a remote interface master controller along with individual fan controllers that are installed in your attic. Breeze Mate™ combines our award winning UltraFlō®ventilation technology and proprietary control system design to give you the most intelligent solar powered ventilation solution ever created.


LED light bulbs

LED replacement bulbs bring energy savings to a variety of lighting applications for your home. Our wide range of product offerings reduce energy consumption up to 80% compared to incandescent bulbs of the same brightness. Whether it's for your table lamps, chandelier, indoor or outdoor floodlights, we've got LED light bulbs for your home.

LED outdoor floodlights

Light up the night with strong, vibrant light that adds a measure of security in a range of energy-saving options.

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