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What Do You Think? The Paris Agreement

In response to Trump’s announcement, WWF's global climate and energy practice leader Manuel Pulgar-Vidal said in a statement: “The Paris Agreement is the world’s collective response to tackling climate change. But the transformative power of the Paris Agreement lies in the targets that it triggers, and nations must hold each other accountable for their promises. “A race to the bottom when it comes to our efforts to cut carbon pollution benefits no one as climate change affects everyone. “Cities, states, companies and the public in the U.S. and around the world support climate action, and are already contributing to creating low-carbon economies from the bottom up. “Fortunately, the Paris Agreement is bigger than any one nation or any one government. We can still achieve the promise of Paris, but we have no time to lose. Countries around the world must seize the opportunity to unleash this potential, invest in renewable energy that eliminates harmful carbon pollution, and build economies that are more resilient, inclusive and prosperous.”

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