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Solar Energy Panels - Kansas City

Solar Warranty

A1 Solar Source believes that long term relationships are the cornerstone of our business and we work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations. We go to great lengths to prevent problems from occurring with your solar power system.


Workmanship Warranty

A1 Solar Source guarantees all workmanship and installation for a standard high 25 years.

The 25 year full warranty includes parts and labor associated with replacing or repairing your system as well as all penetrations that we make to your roof. The 25 year term begins on the date of installation listed on the signed contract.

This 25 year warranty includes the entire portion of your roof that we cover with solar panels.

Solar Panel 25 Year Warranty

A1 Solar Source only uses the highest quality solar panels from the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers. Most of our Photovoltaic panel manufacturers offer warranties of a very similar nature, guaranteeing energy production from their panels for 25 years . This is standard in the solar industry. If your solar panels malfunction or degrade past the normal variance, A1 Solar Source will replace the panel(s) for you.

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