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When you install a photovoltaic, or solar energy system on your business, you’ll be a part of a growing number of companies that are investing in their future by going “green”.  It’s a smart move, too, since you’ll not only lower or eliminate your utility bills, but you can also take advantage of tax credits and rebates that can help pay for a large part of the installation of the system.

Equipping your Kansas City business with a renewable solar energy system is an investment in the future of your company.  It insures that you’re never left in the dark when energy prices increase in the future, and it shows an environmental commitment to your customers.


Here’s a checklist to start investigating whether a solar energy system is right for your business:


  • Compare your current and past utility bills to see how your energy costs have increased in the past several years

  • Speak to your accountant about what tax incentives you may qualify for by installing a renewable energy system

  • Call A1 Solar Source to talk about the options best for your business


Our Ventures


Our Technical Core Team members were instrumental in the development of solar and wind systems for the following projects:


  • Mt Evans Summit and Observatory - Mt. Evans, CO

  • Arts Tech - Kansas City, MO

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant- Presidio, TX  

  • Samuel Rodgers Health Center - Kansas City, MO

  • Stapleton Elementary School - Denver, CO

  • Canon City Department of Corrections - Canon City, CO

  • Buckley Air Force Base - Aurora, CO

  • Butler Solar Farm - Butler, MO

  • T- Trex Multi-Modal project CDOT - Denver, CO


Proposed 2017- 2018 projects include the design and installation of Several Utility Scale Solar PV Ground Mounted Systems in the Midwestern region of the United States, and several Community Solar Gardens in the Kansas City Metro Area. 


Renewable Energy Solutions

What are Peak Demand Charges and how do they affect your bottom line?


Peak Demand Charges are typically 30% to 40% of a Commercial User's Utility Bill


Most Utilities calculate Monthly Peak Demand Charges by determining the maximum amount of power (in kilowatts--kW) used during a 15 minute interval each month (billing cycle).  These peak demand charges must be paid in addition to regular consumption rates and other fees charged monthly.

How do you greatly reduce your Peak Demand Charges?


Energy storage technologies


We custom design/ engineer integrated renewable energy systems using "state of the art" energy storage technologies.  These technologies allow commercial and industrial energy users to dramatically reduce electric costs by scheduling the discharge of the energy storage units at times of peak demand to avoid or reduce peak demand charges.  The system will also be electronically monitored in order to meet unexpected energy demands and further level peaks in the system load.

Emergency "Back-Up" Power that's safer and cleaner than Generators


Energy Storage in conjunction with Solar Power Generation


When the power supply from the grid is not available due to weather or other emergency circumstances, you can provide power to your facility and avoid costly interruptions in production or service by utilizing our clean energy storage and/or solar energy generation solutions. This system can be connected to a solar PV system, connected directly to the grid, or can operate independently.  

Past Projects

Past projects
ArtsTech-Kansas City, MO


Our Core Technical Team joined in a collaborative effort to design and install a Solar PV Roof-Mounted System for the ArtsTech Academy in Kansas City, MO.

Hammerspace Workshop - Kansas City, MO


107kW system.  Energy Independence!

commercial led lighting kansas city

GE's Lumination™ BT Series LED Lighting Fixtures

GE Lighting's new point-of-entry Lumination™ BT Series LED Luminaires broaden the universe of office, retail and commercial building space that's ready for a switch to high-quality, long-lasting LED-based general lighting.


Outdoor LED Lighting Kansas City

GE's Outdoor LED Lighting Offers Energy Efficiency in a Modern Style

Offering modern style in area and street lighting, GE's new Evolve™ LED Decasphere area light provides an energy-efficient and high quality means for optimizing the illumination of roadways and walkways.


commercial solar energy kansas city

To lower or eliminate your energy bills, contact us and learn more about going Solar for your business.


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