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Solar Energy Panels - Kansas City

Benefits of Going Solar

Financial Benefits

Fixed energy costs

Utility rates have risen an average of 5% nationally over the past ten years and have recently proven to be very volatile. When you make the decision to start generating solar power for your home, you are fixing your price of energy and taking control of your energy costs.


Increase the value of your home.

As more Kansas City home owners turn to solar power for their energy source, the real estate industry has seen the need to develop reliable and credible opinions of the value of solar installations and the solar power they generate.


Incentives For Residential Solar


Kansas City Power and Light, Ameren and Columbia Water and Light are currently offering a cash rebate for going solar.  However, time is limited and funds are going fast.  Contact us so we reserve "YOUR" cash rebate. 



You can claim a tax credit of 30% of qualified expenses for a solar system for your residence, including labor costs, system installation, and piping or wiring to connect a system to the home. There is no cap on system cost for the federal incentives.  However, The Federal Tax Credit will decrease to 26% starting January  2020 and decrease again to 22% starting January 2021.


You can use this federal credit all at once or spread it over five years.


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Solar Energy Panels Kansas City
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Kansas City Solar Energy Benefits
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