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Natural resources and climate protection

We specialize in residential and commercial solar system setup and installation

Ready to take control of your electric bill?

Solar power is more affordable than you think. With solar, you can actually pay less than what you do now for electricity. Start enjoying low, fixed, and predictable rates instead of depending on the whims of the power company. If you have room on the roof or ground for panels, you're probably a good candidate for solar.



Turnkey solutions. High-quality products. Local service.

We work with Missouri & Kansas area homeowners, businesses, non-profit organizations, and government organizations to create top-notch solar power systems. We handle everything so that you can start saving money on your electric bill quickly and easily. We offer some of the best pricing in the industry and provide high-quality solar products to our customers. We're the local guys and we'll always be there any time you need help.


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When you install solar power, solar water heating and other renewable energy technologies you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This entitles you to create environmental credits called Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs for short.


These credits are a commodity and tradeable like shares on the Stock Exchange. Like other commodities, the price of RECs is not fixed and varies with supply and demand.



Great service since 2010

A1 Solar Source has over 7 years experience providing cost-effective power solutions to help Missouri & Kansas area businesses achieve their financial objectives, whilst making the investment to renewable energy a profitable, easy and enjoyable experience. We offer packaged pre-engineered systems (with full manufacturers warranties) or alternatively we can design a system particular to your requirements.

A1 Solar Source installs a large selection of renewable energy products:


  • Solar Panels

  • Solar Combo Deals

  • Solar Mounting Frames

  • Batteries & Battery Accessories

  • Inverters - High Quality

  • Inverters - Grid Feed

  • Inverter Chargers

  • Solar Street Lighting

  • Generators (Generac)


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